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Abundance Studio workshops help organizations take decisive action on matters relating to emerging technologies and their organization's growth and competitiveness.

Action Oriented Workshops



This workshop builds on the Abundance Studio article about the five ways in which customized "GPT" AI assistants can be leveraged as a brand asset and expands on the strategy and IP aspects. It comes with an actionable workbook.

Branded AI Assistants

* Next workshop May 16-18, 2024 *

The Fourth industrial revolution is transforming how we live, work, entertain ourselves and how we do business. Our workshop provides leaders a guide to understanding the technology and geopolitical implications that come with it. We offer insights on how to navigate what it means for industry, business operations and recalibrating value propositions. Participants will learn about the areas of opportunity and risk as well as guidance on how to manage them from a technology and geopolitical perspective. 


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