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Applied blue sky thinking

Creatively helping clients reimagine their potential and

open new growth opportunities through an abundance mindset.

Latest Advisory Work

Welcome to the Abundance Studio! A strategic advisory consultancy that conducts its client work through an abundance mindset.

From imagining new revenue streams, crafting a company's contemporary narrative amidst new technologies, to charting new futures of impact, maintaining competitive edge in a fast changing world and crystalizing partnerships to capture new markets, the Abundance Studio starts from a position of hope and abundance and delivers outcomes that bring clarity, focus and purpose for clients to pursue new growth paths and strengthen their market position.

This project examined the implications of deepfakes and misinformation on society and the challenges and risks that need to be mitigated.



This project explored the interconnectedness of climate change, technology and supply chains on food availability and food security.


This futures exploratory work examined potential of gene therapy, mRNA therapy and other edge therapeutics dedicated to reverse aging and longevity.


This research examined the state of international security through the systems thinking perspective in relation to climate change, demographics, migration and emerging technology.



GPT Abundance

OpenAI announced that anyone would be able to create their own AI assistants using ChatGPT. This creates an infinite amount of possibility for how companies can expand their brands and reach in an era where AI is now part of a brand portfolio.


Find out the 5 ways in which customized "GPT" AI assistants can be leveraged as a brand asset.

5 Ways GPT is a part of a brand's portfolio

Abstract Corals

The fresh and inciteful way she approaches the world helped us break-free of our biases and dogmas and look at technology and its impact on strategy ways we never had before.

I consider Lydia a one-woman agent of change, thought leader, and social connector par excellence.

Dr. Aaron Bazin

Senior Strategist

US Special Operations Command

There are very few people in the tech/creative world that I admire as well as come away as highly impressed as Dr. Lydia. The way she smoothly handles technology, social causes, creativity and much more is highly admirable. I only wish I could work with her everyday, because she’s a dream person to chat and collaborate with!

Pakko De La Torre-Rocha

Creative Director, Ai/XR/Content/Design

Dr. Kostopoulos is a one-woman powerhouse. I’ve never met a more experienced, well-rounded, well-traveled and adaptive practitioner of big themes in tech, defense, geopolitics, and the convergence of these three spheres. If you need a consultant with strategic understanding and future-driven vision, you need Lydia. 

Meg Tucker

Founder, Valkyrie Project 

Lydia is one of those rare people who combine true creative insight, sincere interest in others, and the able to Get Things Done. I have worked with her on several projects, and have been continually amazed at how quickly she sizes up a situation, identifies what needs to be done, and then begins working with everyone involved to make it happen. She has the rare power to listen intelligently, connect with her interlocutor, and then map out a way ahead pretty much in real time. 

Thomas Wingfield

International Defense

Rand Corporation

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