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Imaginative business growth strategies in an era of rapid technological change.


Globally recognized Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos' unique international expertise at the intersection of strategy, emerging technology, security and macro trends has been sought by the United Nations, European Union, NATO, US Special Operations, management consultancies, industry, academia and foreign governments around the world.

She created the Abundance Studio to help her clients understand the enormous opportunity the fourth industrial revolution brings to expand their value proposition, create innovation roadmaps and partner strategies to expand their brand's value and reach, from a mindset of abundance and not scarcity while considering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She coaches clients on how to posture their organization to maintain relevance through rapid technological change.


Her global experience spans the US, Europe, Middle East and East Asia. Her portfolio featuring the breadth of her work can be found at

Globally recognized powerhouse, Velina can be seen commentating at the top TV stations and news papers. The Techno-Geopolitics Workshop is a partnership between FACE & the Abundance Studio.

Velina Tchakarova

Senior Geopolitical Thought Leader

Formerly the U.S. Secret Service Chief Foresight Officer, Robin brings a wealth of foresight and scenario based planning experience in her consulting work as well as in her foresight certification program.

Robin Champ

Senior Foresight Leader

CEO and founder of Tuutti Frutti Strategies, a storytelling studio that creates content for tech companies targeting government audiences. Also working with in-house content studios for major trade and consumer tech publications.

Camille Tutti

Senior Technology Storyteller

Expert Network

Working with the Abundance Studio means having access to it's forward leaning partners with unique talent sets and offerings. Some of these include:

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